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Why choose us?

We love dubbing – at SPEEECH we believe that a sincere passion for this work is essential for delivering the best sounding product. We are flexible – SPEEECH offers language adaptations for your German content and all other languages – in both directions not only for classic content but also with social media and internet video. We are efficient – our highly experienced team has many years of successful credits in the dubbing industry and our processes and workflows are the result of years of fine-tuning and optimization​. Whether it is film, television, OTT or online content SPEEECH is your competent quality partner for delivering top-quality dubbing and localization of your production into the language of your choice.

Fast and Reliable Delivery

Demands on the dubbing industry are changing at a rapid pace. Viewers want their favorite programs to be available around the world, in all languages at the same time. Global day and date releasing will soon be standard in the film industry. Thanks to our innovative work processes we can help you meet these new release timeline requirements. Our systems are, flexible, reliable, and able to deliver your production with the highest quality sound and performance. Thanks to decades of experience, carefully managed work processes and scalable capacity, we have a proven track record of meeting our production targets. This means you can set an early broadcasting date with peace of mind.

Reasonable Pricing

We’ll deliver a new language version of your production that is as authentic and consistent as the original.​ ​To this end, we work with the most highly skilled and qualified professional authors, voice-over artists, and producers in the industry.​ A​nd we are able to offer these exceptional services at reasonable prices thanks to our optimized processes that keep our administration costs to a minimum.​ Y​our budget matters to us:​ ​we guarantee to meet your specifications with no​ unexpected surcharges.


We find the right creative talent for each new production. Not only do we have a wide range of actors, voice-over artists, authors, and producers on our roster, we have dedicated teams that are continuously scouting new talent in Germany and throughout Europe. We also partner with recognized universities and institutes throughout Europe to offer specialized training in these disciplines for talented newcomers.

Content Security

We know that your content is extremely valuable and highly sensitive. Our studios and business premises have been certified according to the security standards of the Trusted Partner Network TPN, the international standard for content security. TPN is a joint venture between two major entertainment industry associations, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), worldwide leaders in security certifications of industry suppliers.


If we’ve done our job well, your viewers won’t notice us at all. Our sound engineers use state-of-the-art studio technology to ensure your film, series, or commercial has the highest-quality, most realistic sound. Regardless of the material you send us, the target language version will always have the same sound and ambience as the original.

Please contact us if you would like more detailed information on our studios.


Lipsync Dubbing

Lip-sync dubbing is the preferred experience for the majority of viewers. This is why SPEEECH places a particular emphasis on the genuine adaptation of the original. Authentic dialogues conserve the original in other languages. When viewers don’t notice our work, they truly experience the essence of your message. SPEEECH delivers films and videos that allow you to truly connect with your audience.


We offer language localization using the process of voice-over for documentaries and image films. Our casting department has a wide range of speakers and our experienced team of writers, directors, sound engineers and speakers guarantee a high-level implementation. At the same time, we focus on the promotion of young talents in order to ensure the best quality – today and in future.

Sound Services

SPEEECH is able to implement any kind of audio recording required. Our technical infrastructure is constantly updated and preventive measures are taken to secure your content. All of our recording and mixing studios are equipped with the latest DAW’s and are technically and acoustically designed to accommodate the rigorous technical demands of first-run feature films and television production. No matter what your material, your international versions will sound as good as any movie or television program can.


SPEEECH knows how to deliver coherent, authentic lip-sync and voice-over performances that convey the intent and nuance of your message. Our years in the versioning business have helped us build relationships and an extensive network of top-quality character voice actors who are exclusively native speakers with natural in-territory accents. We also have access to many actors who are already recognizable voices in their international markets. Intelligent casting techniques and voice research ensure quality results.

Video Postproduction

In order to adapt your TV production to the corresponding market, SPEEECH offers an in-house video postproduction. No matter if graphic elements or video editing – we visually adapt the productions entrusted to us to your local requirements. A fast and efficient editing, guaranteed by our experienced video editors.


We are able to offer a high quality and target-group-specific subtitling for your production. Our professional team complies with the latest textual and technical requirements, in order to make your subject accessible to a broader market. Sensitive interpretation, precise timing and optimal readability are of particular importance to us at SPEEECH.